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[Upcoming Webinar] Avoiding Major Pitfalls of Recruiting & Hiring

One of the most challenging parts of running a business is recruiting the right people. You want well-rounded candidates with strong skills, as well as someone who fits in well with your team. The process can be tedious. You have to advertise the job opening, screen applicants and resumes, and then interview qualified candidates, all hoping you're making the right choice.

What Factors Affect My Workers’ Comp Rate?

When it comes to obtaining workers’ compensation insurance, some employers don’t know where to start. Most states require business owners with a certain number of employees to have a workers’ comp policy, but many employers don’t understand how workers’ comp rates are determined.

Yes, You Can Offer an Affordable Retirement Plan

When it comes to recruiting, rewarding and retaining top talent, employee benefits play an important role. Medical benefits are of course essential to attracting employees, but you should also consider the importance of helping an employee plan for retirement.

PEO Advice on Social Media in Hiring Practices

As you know, social media is part of mainstream life. Nearly everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, especially those who might be looking for a job. Studies show companies have taken advantage of that exposure by utilizing social media in hiring practices.