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Management and Company History

We put deep experience and broad company resources to work for you.

Our commitment to service begins with the Crum family, but it doesn't end there.

Our company history began in 1981, when Frank W. Crum, Jr. and his father started offering temporary staffing services. From the very beginning, we were deeply committed to the success of small business owners. Because of that dedication, we expanded our professional offerings over time to help clients grow. Today, we’re known simply as FrankCrum. That name reflects both our personal touch in doing business and the family of employer services we provide across the nation.

Frank W. Crum, Jr.'s daughter and son have grown up in the business and now round out his management team. In addition to a heart-felt dedication to family values, FrankCrum utilizes cutting-edge technology and advanced business systems to consistently deliver best-in-class services and real customer value.


Frank W. Crum, Jr.

President and CEO

Frank W. Crum, Jr. is the owner and CEO of FrankCrum. He’s been in the business of serving employers for more than 35 years and is a pioneer in the Professional Employer Organization (HR outsourcing) industry.

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Matthew C. Crum

President, Frank Winston Crum Insurance

Matthew founded the FrankCrum Insurance Agency in 2008 and took over the operations of Frank Winston Crum Insurance in 2013.



Haley D. Crum, J.D.

Executive VP, FrankCrum
President of FrankCrum Staffing

Haley is responsible for FrankCrum Staffing and also oversees FrankCrum’s Client Operations. Her career at FrankCrum began as a Customer Care Representative while still in college.


Vincent Pukki

Chief Information Officer

Vincent Pukki directs all phases of the IT Department. Vincent specializes in software development and has broad experience in all facets of IT. Vincent began with FrankCrum in 2003 and continues to work to create efficiencies, spearhead network migrations and administer top tier support to employees and clients.



Steve Gober

Vice President of Underwriting

With more than 30 years experience in the insurance industry, Steve launched and now oversees FrankCrum’s Underwriting Department – a department that has steadily grown under his leadership.



T. Mike Oddo II

Vice President of Broker Sales

Mike is responsible for the FrankCrum Sales department and has successfully expanded FrankCrum’s extensive network of sales reps, agents, brokers, and broker managers nationwide.


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Sarah Tupper

Vice President of Direct Sales

Sarah leads the Direct Sales team at FrankCrum with a unique blend of experience in sales, corporate training and motivational speaking. Prior to FrankCrum, Sarah was a corporate trainer for 13 years.


Debbie Moran

Vice President of Payroll Operations

Debbie manages all Payroll and Billing departments within FrankCrum. Debbie started working for the Crum family back in 1985 and has witnessed the company’s growth almost from the very beginning.


David Peasall

Vice President of Benefits and Human Resources

David Peasall has more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Benefits Administration, and he oversees Human Resources and Employee Benefits for FrankCrum. David has served in the United States Army.


Angie Garcia

Vice President of Marketing

Angie Garcia directs Marketing for FrankCrum. She has more than 20 years of experience in both corporate and agency marketing including integrated strategy development, branding, campaign planning and public relations.


Clint Lagor

Vice President of Accounting

Clint Lagor manages all aspects of the Accounting Department. He has more than 15 years of experience in both public and private accounting. He has been with FrankCrum since 2008 and helps to streamline processes as well as direct financial reporting and auditing.

Anna Leo Holder

Director of Client Services

Anna Leo Holder leads the Client Experience team. She has been with FrankCrum more than 10 years working in several departments including payroll, accounting and compliance. Her wide range of experience enables our clients get the best service possible.