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Employer Mandate Solutions

The lowest cost alternative for an applicable large employer

What’s the lowest cost option to avoid paying the Employer Mandate (a) tax penalty?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers with 50 or more full-time and full-time equivalent employees, to provide coverage to employees with 30 or more hours of service per week or pay a tax penalty. Offering a Minimal Essential Coverage Affordable Minimum Value (MECAMV) plan through FrankCrum offers employers the least costly solution to comply with the employer mandate portion of health care reform.

MECAMV plans provide a low cost alternative for an applicable large employer

  • ACA compliant wellness, immunizations, physician services, hospitalization, etc.
  • No employer penalty
  • Enrolled employees avoid tax penalty
  • Employer remains competitive

Example Employer Cost of MECAMV Plan

75 full-time employees
x $80/month* for MEC+ any employee who enrolls in AMV**

TOTAL: $72,000 + AMV enrollees

*Estimated monthly MEC premium

**Estimated $275/month for the employer contribution. Single digit enrollment on an average and often there’s zero enrollment. AMV has no minimum participation requirements unlike major medical

Legal Notice – The purpose of this illustrative information is to assist in the discussion of risk, concerns and general requirements. It is not legal counsel, tax advice or judgment of a business’s compliance or non-compliance. It is recommended that you seek qualified tax and legal counsel familiar with your particular circumstances before taking any action.