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4 Payroll Tax Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

One of the biggest expenses for your business is payroll and doing it correctly is essential. Along with paying your employees, comes paying taxes. Payroll taxes can be one of your biggest headaches. If not done correctly, you could face major penalties. It’s vital you properly calculate, withhold, report and deposit tax monies from employees’ paychecks. Here are just some of the taxes employers must account for:

Don't Stumble Upon These Three Compliance Mistakes

One of the most dangerous mistakes you can make as an employer is to be unaware of or unwilling to comply with employment laws. Compliance is complicated because it requires time you may not have to do things like keep up with regulations, fees and filings. Some business owners don’t even realize what might have fallen through the cracks until it’s too late.

HR Legal Compliance: Laws That Matter to Business Owners

In our decades of partnering with businesses of all sizes, we’ve learned that business owners really don’t know what they don’t know. What we mean is we find a great deal of clients who have no idea about complying with the state and federal laws that apply to their business – and that’s a major risk.

HR Risk Management: Establishing Company Compliance

When it comes to HR risk management, establishing HR compliance is the key to success. However, it’s not achieved overnight. Many business owners struggle to find the time and resources to learn about all the legal and regulatory liability that comes with managing the company. Here’s an HR compliance checklist to help you understand what keeps you and your business protected from unwarranted claims or lawsuits.