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Overtime Calculator

Solve your wage and hour challenges by calculating overtime with our free calculator.

Miscalculating Overtime Can Cost You Big.

If you run a business and employ non-exempt employees, you need to know how to calculate overtime pay, especially considering how frequently wage and hour mistakes happen.


Overtime Formulas:

Overtime = One and one half times the regular rate of pay for hours worked in excess of 40*

Regular Rate = Total Money Earned ÷ Total Hours Worked

* The formulas above apply to federal wage and hour guidelines. Some states have additional requirements.

To calculate overtime for your employees, simply:

  1. Fill in the hourly wage, hours worked, piece rate, number of pieces or day rate and number of days.
  2. Enter the hours worked, number of pieces, or number of days.
  3. Add any additional pay in the third column, then click calculate.

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