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About FWCI

Workers' compensation insurance for small and mid-sized businesses

Frank Winston Crum Insurance:
A complete solution for workers’ compensation

Our affiliate, Frank Winston Crum Insurance Company (FWCI), an AM Best rated commercial carrier, underwrites a wide variety of workers’ compensation codes for small and mid-sized businesses throughout many industry segments. Worker’s compensation insurance coverage is available on a guaranteed cost basis for qualifying risks. Loss-sensitive and high-deductible plans are also available for larger risks that qualify.

FWCI works proactively with our agency partners and policyholders to prevent workplace accidents through their comprehensive risk management programs and resources. When an accident does occur, FWCI takes a very thorough approach to claims, focused first on quality care for the injured worker, and also on controlled costs for the services that are associated with the claim. FWCI supports the process of restoring the worker’s health to enable return to work. The bottom line is the best protection and care for employees – and for the business’ bottom line.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance Available in 36+ States.

Coverage is available on a stand-alone basis in 36+ states or can be written in conjunction with general liability coverage for over 60 classes of artisan contractor in both Florida and Texas. see a complete state list


Workers’ Compensation Program Highlights


Competitive pricing; flexible deductible options

FWCI has a broad range of pricing available including credits and debits in states where those options are available and consent to rate options that can make lower rated risks palatable from an underwriting standpoint.

24 hour claims reporting

FWCI offers convenient claims reporting services and with options that include online, phone and email. Early intervention on a new claim has proven to have a positive impact on the length of the disability and ultimately, claim payout.

Risk management

FWCI supports policyholders with a full range of risk management support including on-site reviews, technical resources, safety management programs, and other specialized services. They develop an active, specific program that’s woven into policyholders’ operations.

Experienced underwriting staff and management readily available

Our experienced underwriters understand the marketplace and are committed to directly working with our agency partners to offer responsive solutions for both simple and complex insureds.

Pay-as-you-go premiums

FWCI’s unique pay-as-you-go program enables clients to spread payments out over a calendar year and avoid a large down payment. Policyholders also avoid the cost of an annual audit.

Underwriting appetite that supports our partners

FWCI’s underwriting appetite is focused on normal run of the mill business. They can also provide enhanced eligibility for risk profiles including a lapse in coverage, new ventures, and risks with no prior coverage. Eligibility is evaluated on a case by case basis as supported by partner agency results.

Comprehensive claims management

From claims administration to case management and established return to work programs, we are well positioned to reduce the impact of workplace injuries with proven processes.

Multi-state footprint to handle complex regional coverage needs

FWCI is admitted in 37 states and actively writes workers’ comp in each. We provide superior capability and response for our agency partners supporting business clients who need coverage in multiple states.