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Alpha Business Solutions

Delivering FrankCrum's PEO services

Business Model & Differentiators

Serving as an outsourced sales arm for PEOs, Alpha carefully analyzes client needs using a checklist to arrive at the best PEO fit for each client. Variables may include the size of the company, industry and the services they need. Alpha prides itself on flawless submissions with accurate information to reduce the back-and-forth that creates delays for clients.

The FrankCrum Advantage & Results

Alpha recognized that FrankCrum shared their philosophy of systematically addressing client needs with affordable PEO solutions, achieved through FrankCrum’s ability to do internal underwriting and also the shared customer focus.

  • Quote & Connect System: This online PEO quoting tool, introduced by FrankCrum in 2014, saves brokers time by offering immediate approval (often within 10 minutes) for clients in certain industry codes with appropriate loss histories. In other cases, applications may be declined even before going to underwriting, again saving the broker time.
  • Customer Service: Deal says FrankCrum’s customer service and sales teams are great to work with, providing immediate yet well-thought out responses to questions.
  • HRIS System - MyFrankCrum: This is an important feature, particularly for white and gray collar industry employers, who want an online payroll and HR platform that will make their lives easier, not more difficult. It is also a significant advantage for larger general contractors with 20 or more employees, particularly if the owner is frequently out onsite at jobs.


Overall, Deal believes that Alpha Business Solutions and FrankCrum are extremely compatible in their desire to help SMBs become more successful, as well as their commitment to innovation and client service.