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Hall Insurance

Delivering FrankCrum's PEO services

Business Model & Differentiators

The changing insurance marketplace has opened opportunities for independent agencies such as his to work with Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to provide client services at an appropriate price point. But it isn’t just clients who benefit. He notes that many brokers don’t understand how to work with PEOs and cites advantages such as high recurring commissions, low to no overhead by reducing the need to employ agents, and having a resource for policies that would not otherwise be placed in the standard workers’ compensation market. He can foresee the industry moving toward a much broader use of PEOs.

The FrankCrum Advantage & Results

Working with a payroll services firm, Hall needed to find workers’ compensation coverage for new construction businesses. After studying various PEOs, he found FrankCrum and was pleased with their product offerings, pricing and customer service. He has been so satisfied that he does not work with any other PEOs. Specific result areas include:

  • Workers’ Compensation and Commissions: He saved a small roofing contractor $10,000 in premiums and administrative fees during his first year with FrankCrum, while more than doubling his own commission on administrative fees.
  • Ease of Quoting/Quote & Connect System: Hall says Quote & Connect is a great system to work with – second to none. This online PEO quoting tool, introduced by FrankCrum in 2014, saves brokers time by offering immediate approval (often within 10 minutes) for straightforward clients in certain industry codes with appropriate loss histories. Even if it is sent to an underwriter, it usually takes only one day to get a quote.
  • Customer Service: FrankCrum’s customer service and sales teams have been great to work with, providing immediate yet well thought-out responses to questions. He has met Frank Crum, Jr. and Mike Oddo, vice president of sales, and likes the combination of professionalism and the relaxed, family feel among the FrankCrum staff.
  • Service to his Clients: Hall’s clients want to know they are safe and payroll is accurate every time.
    In addition, they need access to actual costs of taxes and workers’ comp, allowing them to be more accurate in estimating job costs.


Overall, Hall is extremely pleased with the ease of operation and turnaround time FrankCrum provides. Knowing that contractors often wait until the last minute to seek coverage, he has been able to receive a quote, complete enrollment and get the client a certificate of insurance -- all in one day. Even after seeing other PEO proposals, he says there is no other PEO like FrankCrum.