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Dean & Dewitt Property Management

Founded in 2003, Dean & DeWitt Property Management helps investors buy, sell and manage investment properties, resulting in highly profitable investments. The firm specializes in South Pinellas County properties, including multifamily, single family, condominiums and town homes. Services include leasing, management, maintenance, accounting and more.

The Business Challenge

In the highly competitive property management profession, reducing costs and increasing profitability are key considerations, particularly for a company in growth mode. Justin Dean, company president, wanted to find better, more efficient and less costly options for their HR needs, including payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation and 401(k) programs. Of most immediate concern was the annual workers’ compensation audit that was a continuing challenge for Dean & DeWitt. Having worked with both online and local outsourced options, Dean was looking for one firm that could provide the services he needed and was proactive and responsive in identifying and resolving HR-related issues.

Our Solution

After meeting with Dean, the FrankCrum representative presented a bundled service option that included workers’ compensation coverage, annual worker’s compensation audits, risk management, payroll, payroll reporting, employee benefits, 401(k) program and HR support. Included within the FrankCrum solution was immediate personal response to payroll and other questions as well as access to online training and webinars.

The Results

Dean & DeWitt believe they are getting greater value at a lower cost, as well as immediate and accurate response to questions; both of which free them to grow their business. Results include:

  • Substantial savings on yearly workers’ compensation and other fees, with workers’ compensation rates reduced from 5.14 percent to 3.55 percent.
  • The company has introduced a maintenance division, which has opened it to higher workers’ compensation exposure. After an employee claim that was later proven to be a scam, Dean called FrankCrum. The risk management representative came immediately and handled the paperwork and other elements of the situation. This eliminated the stress of the situation as well as the potential for a rate increase if the claim had not been shown to be false.
  • FrankCrum has reduced the company’s expenses, eliminated the annual audits and assisted with matters outside of basic HR solution needs.
  • They consider the online training and webinars to be very instructive.
  • Their payroll representative is efficient, quick and attentive, with immediate response and resolution of issues.
  • Dean concludes by saying that the decision to engage FrankCrum was a "no brainer" once he reviewed a side by side comparison between what he was using and what FrankCrum offered. He would recommend FrankCrum to other businesses looking for more efficient ways to handle their HR needs.


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