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January Environmental Services Case Study

The Business Challenge

Destiny Schwalk, January’s business office manager, oversees administrative and HR functions for the company’s 49 employees in nine locations, including the Oklahoma City headquarters. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an MBA, she is always looking for more efficient and cost effective ways to handle these services. Her primary challenge was how to handle payroll, taxes and workers’ compensation for their multiple locations and an additional challenge was how best to do this for their drivers who are constantly on the road. When one of January’s workers’ compensation insurance agents retired, she began researching providers and found FrankCrum.

Our Solution

January selected FrankCrum after discussing their services and business approach. Services now include:

  • Workers’ compensation coverage.
  • Payroll and quarterly payroll tax reports.
  • Health insurance.
  • FrankAdvice, HR consulting services provided by certified, senior level HR specialists.
  • January is now in the process of planning for a 401(k) program.

The Results

After an implementation period of less than one week, FrankCrum had January up and running. Results have included:

  • Elimination of three administrative positions in the corporate office that saved the company approximately $75,000 per year. Individuals in these positions had handled payroll, payroll taxes, time cards and reports for each state.
  • Workers’ compensation premiums and administrative costs were reduced by 30 percent.
  • Health insurance costs were reduced by 60%.
  • By outsourcing to FrankCrum, January has been able to spend more time developing their safety programs.


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