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Only the Best Builder, LLC Case Study

Founded in 2009 in Southern New Jersey by Dean Mainardi, Only the Best Builder, LLC specializes in residential roofing and remodeling, but also works on structural repairs and damage caused by storms. The company has one office in West Berlin, NJ with nine full-time employees. Dean began Only the Best Builder because the construction industry had gone to all contract work and he was concerned about the quality people were getting. Dean’s family had been doing construction for decades and he wanted to offer residents a team of employees they could trust from the beginning to the end of the job with no outsourcing of employees.

Business Challenge:

Dean quickly realized how much the legal environment had changed since his father or grandfather had run a construction business, which led to a host of potential risk-related issues. Dean certainly wasn’t an expert on employment or tax laws, nor did he want to spend hours fine tuning payroll.

One of the biggest problems Dean encountered was obtaining affordable workers’ compensation insurance. The insurance companies all wanted the money in one chunk during the time of the year his business was the slowest. He really needed a pay-as-you go plan.


Dean started shopping for affordable insurance and a place he could bundle all the services he and his employees needed. He chose FrankCrum because of the affordable workers’ compensation premiums and flexible payment options in addition to a broad range of other HR-related services.


Dean now refers to FrankCrum as his one-stop-shop for all employment-related support. Results of the relationship include:

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