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Payroll & Tax Solutions

State and federal tax filing can cause you problems. FrankCrum has your payroll solutions.

Outsource payroll and start focusing on your core business.

Compensation is one of the essential aspects of being an employer. Unfortunately, payroll processing can be a very time-consuming responsibility.

Our experienced team and proven payroll services free you from daunting labor, costly and embarrassing errors, tax risks, and compliance challenges. Our payroll solutions allow you to have more time to focus on what will make your company more profitable and productive. FrankCrum’s payroll services will help you save on typical expenses that are associated with administering payroll.

FrankCrum further simplifies payroll by providing employees with easy, secure access to an online payroll system, MyFrankCrum. With our system, employees can review and update information, and submit requests, from any computer or mobile device at any time.

Payroll Tax Compliance

FrankCrum helps to manage one of the major burdens of payroll. We eliminate your risk by collecting and paying taxes, while ensuring state and federal tax compliance.

Direct Deposit

Make payroll easy for the employer and banking simple for the employee. Our online access makes it easy to view and update important information.

On-Site Check Printing

Print paper employee paychecks in your business. Instilling this practice is great for you and helpful for employees who do not have access to direct deposit or who prefer a physical check.

Complex Payrolls

Delegate responsibility for complex payrolls to FrankCrum. We can facilitate multi-state payrolls, job costing, certified payrolls, multiple pay rates, department allocations, holiday pay and overtime.

Visa Cash Cards

For some employees, a cash card is a better payroll solution than a direct deposit or physical check.

Wage Garnishments

Managing garnishments can be a labor-intensive process that represents the potential for awkward moments between manager and employee. FrankCrum’s payroll solutions relieves the company of this burden, while ensuring that appropriate garnishments are collected and paid, and reporting is completed.

Per Diems/Non-Taxable Reimbursements

FrankCrum makes it easy for you to make special pay arrangements, as needed. In addition, employees can enjoy speedy and accurate processing of per diems and reimbursements.

PAYROLL—Processing and Tax Administration

Payroll Processing

  • Handling of complex payroll rules:
    • Multi-state
    • Job costing
    • Multiple pay rates
    • Departments
    • Certified payrolls
    • Holiday and Overtime pay
    • Job Codes
    • OCIP
    • Direct deposits
    • Per diems and non-taxable reimbursements
    • Employee deductions
  • Printing check and direct deposit advices at FrankCrum or at your location
  • Use of FrankCrum’s payroll banking account eliminates the need for you to perform account reconciliation and the risk of banking account fraud
  • Pay cards and electronic direct deposit advices are also available
  • Time entry through file feeds, spreadsheets, and web-based time entry
  • Garnishment deductions, withholdings, and remittance to agencies
  • PTO plan set up, accruals, balances, and tracking
  • 350+ reports available
  • Employment verifications
  • Tax cut offs honored

Tax Management

  • W-2 processing
  • 940 & 941 filings including federal withholding
  • W-3 processing
  • All payroll-related tax return preparation, filing and payment
  • State withholding
  • State unemployment
  • Local taxes
  • Unemployment claims handling
  • Tax credits

Time & Attendance

  • Web-based software, badge readers, or hand readers
  • Recorded directly into your existing software and compatible with all operating systems