What Are Each Of The Reports & Dashboards For In Enhanced Reporting?

In this article, we explain each report or dashboard and who may find this information helpful.

What is the YTD Earnings Summary report used for?

A: This is a valuable tool for assessing a company’s financial performance over a specific period. Users can see their detailed break down by pay code and use in next year’s budgeting or prior year’s review.

For a detailed explanation for each report, please visit our knowledge base for an article explaining each report and dashboard.

What is the Workers Compensation Earnings Trend?

A: This Report shows a break down by workers compensation code. This tool is often used by clients to track their payroll and workers compensation expenses by WC code and can be helpful in supporting or responding to an audit. Many larger corporations or construction clients find this a handy review of their payroll information. 

What is the Turnover Trends Report?

A: Very popular with hospitality and similar clients, this report will show employee turnover per month and per department. This report can be easily filtered to specific months or specific departments to review if specific areas of a business has a potential issue with employee retention. 

What is the OT Trends Report?

A: Short for Overtime Trends, many clients use this report to drill down into their overtime wages month by month. Very important for construction companies or similar clients who are trying to stay on top of an hourly workforce and plan for growth.

What is the Employees Not Paid Listing?

A: Whether paperwork was lost or missing, some employees can go periods of time without working any hours and not receiving a check. Action items may be for benefits, workers compensation, or chasing after that paperwork so the workforce is running at optimum efficiency and accuracy. 

What is the Employee Detail?

A: This report contains all the current information except items like W4 elections for your workforce. Handy for things like addresses, phone numbers, or email lists and much more. Export to spreadsheet format to work with the data in detail or filter as needed in the reporting tool to see only the employees needed. 

What is the Employee Dashboard?

A: Dashboards are a visual way of representing information visually. Very helpful for data at a glance or to monitor from a higher vantage point to see if there are challenges. To drill into a specific widget, click the 'maximize' icon and drill down into specific widgets on screen. 

What is the Payroll Dashboard?

A: Quickly see for the past three months how many employees were on your payroll, what the earnings were, deductions and taxes. Export the visual data to use this information in presentations or export raw data to drill down to the details. This visual solution compares well to the Payroll Summary report which shows the same types of data but in a more traditional format. 

What is the Payroll Summary report?

A: In contrast to the Payroll dashboard, this traditional payroll report shows the recent history for your payroll as rows of information. Try the Payroll Dashboard for a more visual representation and then choose the right tool for your needs. 

What is the Billing and Payroll Department Summary?

A: This report is a frequently requested report by many of our clients to help reconcile payroll and the invoices they receive as a FrankCrum customer. As it is frequently asked for, we are providing this to all of our customers. 

What is the Employee Deductions report?

A: This report shows the payroll voluntary deductions per pay period and can be helpful in staying on top of those deductions like charity, benefits, and more. 

What is the Employee Wage Summary?

A: Similar to the Payroll Summary but an alternative format. 

What is the Billing Dashboard?

A: This is a visual view of recent payroll is a frequently requested report by many of our clients to help reconcile payroll and the invoices they receive as a FrankCrum customer. This visual solution can be used instead of (or support) the Billing and Payroll Department Summary.