What Is Enhanced Reporting For MyFrankCrum (FAQ)

FAQ – using MyFrankCrum enhanced reporting feature

Where do I access this new feature?

A: Log in to MyFrankCrum and access your Employer view. On the left hand side navigation click on Reports to launch the solution. If you do not see a reports menu, contact your FrankCrum representative who will ensure you have access as a client administrator.

What is the YTD Earnings Summary report used for?

A: This is a valuable tool for assessing a company’s financial performance over a specific period. Users can see their detailed break down by pay code and use in next year’s budgeting or prior year’s review.

For a detailed explanation for each report, please visit our knowledge base for an article explaining each report and dashboard.

How do I change the time frame for the report to see the whole year?

A: Change the date range for the report using the icons under each report. For full instructions, check out our help documentation including a step by step of how to change the date range and export the data to print to paper or continue working in a spreadsheet program.

What is a dashboard and what is a report?

A: a dashboard consists of visual elements and a report usually displays rows of data. Both are useful and some of our reports have a small dashboard and a report such as our ‘Workers Compensation Earnings Trend”.

What do I do if I do not see a report that I need?

A: Call us at any time and ask for our assistance. We can advise you whether you can use a report and change the filtering or date ranges or if you need a new report. You can also provide us feedback using one of our survey forms from our customer relationship platform:


Can I still get one of the reports from Advanced Report writer?

A: Yes, our FrankCrum staff members can print or download that report for you. If you need access to that report on demand, let us know and we will grant you access.