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How do you focus on doing more business while attracting desirable employees and reducing administrative costs?

Compensation is an essential aspect of being an employer. Unfortunately, payroll processing can be a very time consuming responsibility with many compliance factors.

Need affordable workers’ comp coverage? FrankCrum can help you lower the cost of lessening your risk.

Are you offering a competitive benefits package to attract and retain valued employees? Access ACA-compliant solutions and administration services that will fit your budget and match your goals.

Are you understaffed and overworked in HR? Gain access to a full team of certified HR specialists who will consult with you and support your HR compliance and administration.

Do you and your employees have instant access to HR information? Leverage our cloud platform from your computer or mobile device to view pay details, W-2’s, PTO, training resources and more.

Preventing accidents doesn’t happen naturally, it’s an active process. Tools, resources, knowledge, and proven programs are available to help you succeed.

We provide helpful advice to navigate daunting and complicated issues.

FrankCrum can help you navigate the confusion of health care reform.

  • Business owners don’t want to deal with the hassles of the admin side of payroll, WC and HR so to be able to hand that off, and save that time which allows me to grow my business and focus on my customers is invaluable and I’m very appreciative of that.
    Joe Massa
    Air Hawk Heating and Cooling
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  • One of the very nice things about working with FrankCrum is that they listen. They listen to what I have to say and they’ll make suggestions, and they’ll work with me to find a solution.
    Sandy Weiss
    Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza
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  • You think having a relationship with your PEO company is vital – and we feel like that FrankCrum is really our partner.
    Rick Thomas
    Thomas Financial Group
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Grow 7-9% Faster
Have 23-32% lower employee turnover
Be 50% less likely to go out of business

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