HR Guidance and Support for Businesses of All Sizes

Did you know: 45% of the average small business owner’s work hours are
spent on HR-related tasks? We can help.

Overcome HR Challenges and Navigate Employment Laws

Regardless of size, every business has HR needs. The role of HR is multifaceted, requiring an understanding of ever-changing laws and risk management. Done well, HR enhances a companies’ ability to foster talent, stay in compliance, and mitigate legal trouble. Comprehensive HR support is a core feature of FrankCrum’s PEO solution. Here’s how we help:

HR Guidance

HR pros help you make informed decisions

New Hires

Support for hiring and onboarding new employees

Unemployment Claims

Avoid overpayment and save time

Wage Garnishment

A seamless process for wage garnishment


Affordable insurance for employment-related lawsuits

HR Guidance Tailored To Your Business


Our experienced and credentialed HR professionals, known as FrankAdvice, will help you manage your workforce and assist you with the tools needed to help maintain legal compliance. Think of them as an extension of your team or as a supplement to in-house HR staff.

They offer educated guidance on:
  • Hiring, termination and HR best practices
  • Training and development
  • Corrective action and performance management
  • Harassment and discrimination prevention
  • Wages and employee classifications
  • Federal Acts like FLSA, ADA and FMLA
  • Workplace investigations
  • Annual EEO-1 Report
  • Changes to federal, state, and local labor regulations
  • Employee compensation
Tailored HR Guidance

Top Reasons Why Businesses Call for FrankAdvice

Simplified Hiring and Onboarding

Hiring and Onboarding Simplified


You may be bogged down with the time-consuming and risky process of hiring new employees. We can help. At FrankCrum, we’ll provide the support you need to achieve the best hiring outcomes and comply with legal regulations.

We can provide a variety of services, such as:
  • Uniform job descriptions
  • Company policies and handbook development
  • Pre-employment background checks
  • Drug screenings
  • Easy electronic employee onboarding through our HR Information System
  • Help finding qualified candidates through FrankCrum Staffing

Full Support for Managing Unemployment Claims


Handling unemployment claims can be complicated and costly, but we’ve got you covered. We ensure that our clients pay only what is owed on legitimate claims, and not a penny more.

Plus, our experienced HR professionals:
  • Help audit claims and decide which are qualified
  • Become the liaison between the client and state unemployment agencies
  • Prepare documentation and represent the company and its clients in hearings and appeals
  • Create executive summary reports and presentations
  • Review, reconcile and appeal erroneous charges
Managing Unemployment Claims

Seamless Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment is serious business. If an order is ignored or deadline missed, the employer could wind up in court, on the hook for their employee’s debt. Luckily, FrankCrum has you covered, ensuring a seamless process for wage garnishment.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Don’t Let An Employment
Lawsuit Devastate Your Business


Even the most conscientious employer runs the risk of an employment lawsuit, and the price tag for defense could be upward of tens of thousands of dollars. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) through FrankCrum is affordable, so there’s no reason to go without it.

Here are some of the policy highlights:
  • Broad, cost-effective coverage
  • Coverage, including defense and court costs, up to $1,000,000 per claim
  • Efficient, helpful claims processing
  • Experienced, knowledgeable attorneys to defend your company
  • Examples of covered claims: discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, sexual harassment

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We've been working with FrankCrum for over a decade. We especially appreciate their guidance on risk management, HR law, and employee-related situations. It saves us a lot of time and resources.

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