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FrankCrum’s PEO solution helps companies reduce their workload, improve HR, and lower costs so they can focus on business growth.
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When you work with FrankCrum, you gain a true partner. We formally share responsibilities across broad aspects of HR, which is the hallmark of the professional employer organization (PEO) model. Your risk becomes our risk, making success a shared interest. Our goal is to help our clients thrive.


Unmatched Service and Expertise

Unlike DIY software tools or basic HR outsourcing companies, FrankCrum’s PEO solution provides a full-service client experience with expertise at every step.

Customized onboarding based on client priorities


Ongoing support from a dedicated payroll team


Access to top-level HR specialists as an extension of your team


Expert benefits advice and plan administration

Claims & Risk

WC claims management and risk mitigation support


Flexibility and Innovation


We aim to make work easier for you. Our proprietary HR Information System (HRIS), MyFrankCrum, allows you to submit simple payroll, request a Certificate of Insurance, and more online or from a mobile device. Of course, we can also work with you via email or fax, if you prefer.



FrankCrum is a family-owned organization with a long history. Here are a few things you might not know about us:

  • We’ve been doing business for nearly four decades
  • We operate free from outside investment or debt
  • We own an AM Best-rated (B++) workers’ compensation carrier

Answers to Your Top 3 Questions About Partnering with FrankCrum

Hiring a PEO is a big decision. That’s why we’ve answered the top questions we hear from our potential clients about partnering with FrankCrum.

1. Will I lose control of my business by partnering with FrankCrum?

Many business owners are fearful that entering into a co-employment arrangement with a PEO means giving up some control. Your company maintains all of the decision-making and operations of your business. Your employees are simply labeled as FrankCrum employees for purposes of payroll and taxes, and FrankCrum has no authority over your staff or your company’s activities.

2. Is my company too big or too small to partner with FrankCrum?
FrankCrum’s PEO solution works for businesses of all sizes, from those who have only one employee to those who have hundreds. Companies typically realize cost savings because PEOs spread costs for workers’ compensation insurance, employee benefits, and HR administration across a larger pool of employees. FrankCrum has flexible product and service delivery models to meet the unique needs of small, medium, and large companies.
3. What if I already have a payroll and/or HR person on staff?

Many of FrankCrum’s clients who do have HR and payroll staff still find that it’s difficult to keep up with HR administration and all the specialization that’s needed to stay consistently compliant. Partnering with FrankCrum means you go from an HR team of one or a few to an HR team of dozens. We supplement and support your staff to handle the full range of administrative needs including payroll, payroll taxes, deductions, wage garnishments, wage and hour compliance, ACA compliance, unemployment claims, workplace safety programs, and more.

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