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Hospitality providers and restaurants have unique challenges. The service industry requires hiring and maintaining quality staff members, yet many struggle to keep turnover at bay. Plus, the fast-paced daily grind makes it difficult to find time to focus on the business.

You’re in luck. Whether you manage a single unit restaurant or a multi-state franchise, we can help reduce your workload and make you a great employer.
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Support for Complex Payroll

Payrolls for the hospitality industry are known to be complex due to factors such as a varied workforce - including part-time, seasonal, and shift workers - and above-average employee turnover. Here are a few ways we support payroll for hospitality providers and restaurants:


Dedicated payroll coordinator

In addition to running payroll accurately and on-time, your payroll coordinator will help you stay in compliance and serve as a liaison to other FrankCrum services.


Accurate wage reporting

Underreporting tips can lead to underpayment of an employer’s share of taxes, skewing its requirement to meet minimum wage, tax withholdings, and more. We’ll help ensure tips are appropriately managed to increase the accuracy of wage reporting.


Overtime reporting

Hospitality work can require long hours, but extending overtime can complicate payroll. We’ll help you manage overtime, ensure your employees are classified correctly, and back it up with effective timekeeping.


Multi-state payrolls

Complying with laws in multiple states adds a layer of complexity to payroll, and failure can lead to improper tax filings and fines. FrankCrum is skilled at supporting multi-state and franchise operations.


Tech for a Fast-Paced Industry


In a fast-paced industry like hospitality, technology is a key driver of efficiency and scalability. Our HR Information System (HRIS), MyFrankCrum, complements our personalized customer service, with convenient desktop and mobile access.

Here are a few ways our technology aids our hospitality and restaurant clients:
  • Electronic onboarding. MyFrankCrum streamlines the hiring process and eliminates paper forms by enabling employees to complete their new-hire paperwork securely online.
  • Payroll technology. MyFrankCrum allows you to conveniently and securely enter payrolls digitally by spreadsheet, hand-keyed pay data, or direct integration with our time clock system.
  • Self-service portal for employees. Your employees can access MyFrankCrum as a self-service portal to enroll in direct deposit, view pay stubs, update personal information, track paid time off, and view W-2s.

Reduce Accidents & Lawsuits


The hospitality industry relies largely on human capital, and with that comes risk and compliance requirements. When addressed head-on, employers create a healthy workplace that attracts employees.

We provide services that support our hospitality and restaurant clients, such as:
  • HR risk mitigation. The hospitality industry tends to be hit hard by EEOC complaints of discrimination and harassment. Our HR specialists stand ready to help you resolve labor issues quickly. And, if you experience a claim, you’ll be covered by Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) through our master plan.
  • HR compliance. Keeping up with ever-changing labor laws and reporting requirements can be challenging in the hospitality industry. Our HR professionals monitor regulatory changes on the federal, state, and local levels and provide clients with expert guidance.
  • Safety management. Whereas restaurants deal with kitchen hazards like fire and knives, country clubs may face wildlife and excursion risks; every business has unique safety concerns. We’ll help you create a safety program, in compliance with OSHA, to prevent workplace accidents.