Aspen Public Radio Case Study


Aspen Public Radio is a nationally recognized, non-profit organization serving the Aspen, Colorado area. The organization serves several communities in western Colorado and aims to provide “informative, entertaining, and educational radio and digital programming in a reliable and professional manner” to its audience.

The Business Challenge

As a non-profit group with less than 10 employees, time and resources are at a premium for Aspen Public Radio. Executive director Breeze Richardson wears many hats, including HR administrator, and cites several reoccurring pain points experienced with her past PEO partnership: extended hold times, hour-long support calls, constant transfers between departments, navigating the PEO’s challenging multi-layered online portal system, and heavy turnover at the PEO company itself among others.

“The infrastructure just wasn’t conducive to a small, non-profit organization,” says Richardson. Over time, these issues resulted in many wasted labor hours for the Aspen Public Radio team.

The Solution

The difference in quality of service and value offered by FrankCrum compared to their previous PEO partner is apparent to Richardson. Because of the complexities of a 24/7/365 industry with on-call schedules and events outside normal business hours, tracking PTO was a manual burden unsolved by the previous PEO partner.

With FrankCrum, Richardson was able to work with her dedicated payroll coordinator to solve the issue, at last. Now, she simply calls to reconcile PTO every month, and her employees can view their up-to-date PTO directly in the intuitive FrankCrum online portal: MyFrankCrum.

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“I just don’t think any old company would be accommodating of that, yet we have seamlessly done it for a year now.”

Breeze Richardson, Executive Director,
about the flexibility offered by FrankCrum

The Results

Richardson summarizes FrankCrum services and notes the following results:
Aspen _ Personable Service

Personable Service: A year into Aspen Public Radio’s relationship with FrankCrum, and Richardson no longer dreads calling her PEO provider for help. “[It’s] like how a colleague would talk with you,” she says about her frequent calls with FrankCrum team members, such as her payroll coordinator and account manager. “I’m really reliant on the team at FrankCrum to meet my employees’ needs.”

Aspen _ Scalability

Scalability: With FrankCrum’s personable one-on-one service and an HR solution customized to fit the unique needs of the small, non-profit organization, wasted time isn’t a part of the PEO experience anymore. By implementing the MyFrankCrum online portal, Aspen Public Radio employees can quickly and efficiently check their PTO and understand their benefits at a glance. Richardson says her HR needs are met, and she can confidently look to the future. “Now for me, it’s about expanding… but I know that’s not going to be hard; I just need to turn to FrankCrum.”

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