Courtyard Gardens
Case Study

The Company

Courtyard Gardens offers senior living in a home like setting where seniors can maintain a sense of dignity, purpose and self esteem. Courtyard Gardens pledge to serve with kindness, love and professionalism, while providing cost effective quality care and demonstrating our commitment to all of their residents. Courtyard Gardens is an experience of good life, offering a potpourri of warmth, love, independence, security and most of all, devotion to their residents.

The Business Challenge

Similar to other senior living facilities with often limited administrative staff, Courtyard Gardens found it difficult to handle HR-related issues in-house. Wanting to control costs, improve efficiencies and maintain compliance with HR regulations, the company decided to explore outsourcing its HR-related functions. This would allow Courtyard Gardens to focus on top quality, individualized resident care.

Issues included:

  • With more than 100 employees they needed to handle payroll, benefits, quarterly 941 reporting, W2s, and I9s better.
  • With limited HR staff, it was difficult to remain current on changing HR regulations.
  • An increase in workers’ compensation claims, led to increased workers’ comp rates. Improving their employee safety record, while controlling rate increases became a priority.

The Solution

Using a cross-functional team, FrankCrum provided the following services:

  • FrankCrum’s onboarding process allows for paperless submission of employee forms through the self-service tool, myFrankCrum.
  • The FrankCrum payroll coordinator sets up employer and employee tax deductions and payroll details for income tax, wage garnishments, SUTA, FUTA, unemployment tax, etc.
  • HR specialists are available to respond to problems and take proactive steps such as developing an employee handbook, and drafting policies.
  • The Benefits Team administers benefits and responds to questions.
  • Loss control and risk management specialists are available to establish safety programs in accordance with OSHA guidelines and to develop safety manuals. In the event of workers’ compensation claims, FrankCrum offers 24-hour claims reporting as well as return-to-work and light duty programs. With FrankWinstonCrum insurance, claims administrators can directly review and handle claims without the need for a third party.
Courtyard Gardens Case Study The Solution

We’ve been working with FrankCrum for over a decade. We especially appreciate their guidance on risk management, HR law, and employee-related situations. It saves us a lot of time and resources.”

Helen Pinelli, Courtyard Gardens Assisted Living

The Results

Throm summarizes FrankCrum services and notes the following results:
FrankCrum has reduced costs and improved control over workers’ comp issues. The company has not only controlled rate increases but also provided risk management guidance and training to improve employee safety and reduce the number of claims.
FrankCrum keeps Courtyard Gardens advised of changes in HR law and insurance requirements, saving them the time and resources.
Courtyard Gardens relies on FrankCrum staff to answer their HR-related questions and help them through a variety of employee-related situations.
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