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NDRS Case Study

The Company

NDRS Construction Inc. is a leading provider of flood, fire, storm and mold restoration and remediation services, working with clients in Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties and beyond. Headquartered in Brooksville, Florida, the company was founded in 2010 by Ken Barnett and now has 12 employees.

The Business Challenge

Having owned a commercial construction business dating from 2002, Ken Barnett has worked with FrankCrum on and off during the ensuing years, after first having received a recommendation from his accountant. During his last “hiatus” from FrankCrum, (based at that time on the size of his business, a restriction no longer in place), he realized he was spending more than he thought was reasonable for workers’ compensation and payroll services.

The Solution

Barnett moved his business to FrankCrum for the following services:

  • FrankCrum provides workers’ compensation coverage and in a much more cost effective way, which is very important in the construction industry.
  • Payroll is managed by FrankCrum, handled by staff who are flexible and easy to deal with.
  • FrankCrum is responsible for quarterly tax reports, something Barnett felt took his attention from his core business.
  • Barnett likes the combined payroll and workers’ compensation services because this allows him to avoid dealing with several entities.


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On their own, construction businesses can’t get competitive workers’ comp rates. FrankCrum helped us save.” 

Ken Barnett, NDRS Construction

The Results

Barnett is now saving $18,000 per year on his workers’ compensation and other fees, with his workers’ comp rates down from 11.6 percent to 7.5 percent. He also offers the following comments:
He says that on their own, businesses can't compete on workers' compensation rates, particularly in industries like construction. In addition, FrankCrum offered him significant saving from his previous PEO.
He believes in being straightforward with his clients and appreciates the same approach from his contacts at FrankCrum, a relationship he describes as "nothing but pleasurable."
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