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Case Study


Founded in 2009 in Longwood, FL by Bill and Sue Texeira, Texeira Contracting, Inc. (TCI) specializes in construction for the retail industry but also manages projects from concept to completion in the industrial, institutional, health care and restaurant sectors. The firm has one office, in Altamonte Springs, FL, with six full-time employees at that location and one traveling general superintendent. Texeira Contracting hires local project superintendents and subcontracts 90 percent of its work to local businesses in markets across the United States.

The Business Challenge

At the request of its national clients, Texeira expanded their business, becoming a full service national contracting company. This decision led to a full range of HR-related issues that could affect their growth, including variations in payroll, reporting and workers’ compensation regulations from one state to another. In addition, finding workers’ comp insurance in multiple states was difficult as well as expensive.

The Solution

A local insurance agent who had worked with FrankCrum for other clients suggested outsourcing HR functions. After researching FrankCrum and two other outsourcing firms, Texeira chose FrankCrum in 2014, based on its size and its “one-stop shop” capabilities with a full range of HR services at the right price.  Services include:

  • Texeira started with basic bundled services that included workers’ compensation insurance, payroll, payroll reporting and HR management support.
  • In 2015, they added healthcare benefits.
  • In 2017, they added a 401(k) program.
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"Working with FrankCrum to offer healthcase benefits and a 401(k) savings plan to our employees has given us a real advantage as we grow our staff."


The Results

Bill and Sue refer to FrankCrum as an arm of Texeira and say they now have a real HR department. Results of their relationship include:
Save time and money: FrankCrum’s management fee is a fraction of what it would cost for full-time administrative employees. They realized that a growing company couldn’t afford to staff up to manage HR, health benefits, payroll and workers’ comp. As for workers’ comp, their overarching issue was availability in multiple states. With Texeira’s subcontracting business model, workers’ comp was often either unavailable or priced so high as to be virtually inaccessible. Using FrankCrum has allowed the company to gain workers’ comp coverage, often at a reduced rate.
Attract and retain talent: Staffing has been a challenge, but offering good healthcare benefits has been a real advantage – one that will be even more important as the business continues to grow. This was another factor in their decision to begin offering a 401(k) program.
HR support and guidance: They are extremely pleased with the knowledge and customer focus they encounter with their representatives at FrankCrum, and praise the speed and accuracy of the customer service staff. In one instance, an attorney for a terminated employee who wanted additional benefits contacted Texeira. FrankCrum resolved the issue quickly and to their satisfaction.
Freedom to grow: Using FrankCrum as an extension of their company has allowed them to be more efficient and competitive; maintaining the flexibility that allows them to focus on corporate growth rather than HR issues.
Reduce risk and liability: They say having FrankCrum in their corner gives them peace of mind relative to risk. Having the ability to ask for guidance relative to unemployment and other issues has been an advantage.
Consistently compliant: FrankCrum has removed concerns about workers’ compensation and payroll compliance.
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