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Cookie-cutter pricing doesn’t serve the needs of our unique clients; that’s why we provide custom quotes. This approach allows us to be transparent in our pricing and to help our clients save money. When providing a quote, we consider specific factors such as:

  • Individual business priorities
  • Number of employees
  • Size of payroll
  • Workers’ compensation claims history

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Top 12 Ways FrankCrum Clients Find Cost Savings

FrankCrum’s customized approach to pricing allows most of our clients to realize cost savings compared to their current mode. Here are some of the top areas in which our clients are saving money.

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01. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If you haven’t shopped for a competitive rate for workers’ comp insurance lately, it’s time to requote your plan. Costs savings with FrankCrum are often substantial.


02. Payroll Administration

Payroll administration fees charged by many payroll companies and other PEOs are typically higher than FrankCrum.


03. W-2s

W-2s are always included with your partnership with FrankCrum, while many other providers charge a per-employee fee.


04. 940 / 941 Filings

940/941 filings are included with FrankCrum, while many companies charge for this.


05. OSHA 300 Reporting

OSHA 300 reporting is a tedious exercise, which we complete and submit on your behalf.


06. Employee Benefits

Get big company healthcare and other benefits for a fraction of what you'd spend on the open market. Dental, vision and even pet insurance are available at no cost to the employer, and very low cost to employees.


07. Benefits Administration

Many PEOs charge a flat fee annually to administer COBRA  — whether you use it or not  — with a per month/per employee fee when an employee goes on COBRA. With FrankCrum, you pay nothing if you don’t use it, and a low rate when an employee exercises the option. You'll also find that our full service benefits and ACA reporting services typically cost less than our competitors. 


08. Retirement Savings Plan

Whether you currently offer a 401(k) plan or have yet to offer retirement savings plans, our multiple-employer plan costs nothing to offer when you have a minimum of eight participants.


09. Employment Practice Liability Insurance

Even the most conscientious employer runs the risk of employment lawsuits. EPLI is often overlooked by employers but is included by FrankCrum at a low rate compared to obtaining this insurance on your own.


10. HR Expertise

HR expertise is always a phone call or an email away as part of your partnership with FrankCrum. Compare this to your staff googling issues as they come up, or waiting in a cue in a shared call center. And, you’ll find hours of tangible benefit with the HR team we provide as an extension of your business.


11. Background Checks and Drug Testing

We provide employment background checks and drug testing for a fraction of the per/use cost that many other providers charge.


12. Group Buying Power

The co-employment agreement with FrankCrum allows you to leverage the group buying power of the PEO to realize cost savings and added value on insurance coverages and employee benefits.

Pricing FAQs

Do you still have questions about our pricing model? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

What’s Included in Our Pricing?
  • Payroll processing and your own dedicated team
  • HR and compliance support team
  • Workers’ comp insurance with claims management
  • Employment Practices and Liability Insurance (EPLI)
  • Safety and risk management team
  • Optional employee benefits plans and administrative team
  • MyFrankCrum, our proprietary HRIS system 
How Is Our Pricing Determined?
  • Payroll size and number of employees. A sliding scale is used to factor your payroll size and number of employees. Start-ups and larger companies alike benefit from our highly competitive pricing model.
  • Type of work your team performs and your claims history. We are among the most competitive options available in the marketplace for workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Benefits and retirement needs of your workforce. Whether you have a health plan in place that we can administer for you, or you want to offer your employees benefits at no cost to you, we have plans and administrative teams to make customized benefits programs easy and affordable.
Pricing Transparency

At FrankCrum, there are no hidden fees. Cost breakdowns are listed on your invoices every pay period. You can expect to see costs for the following services:

  • FICA
  • FUTA
  • SUTA
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Employee Benefits Premiums 
  • Administrative Fees
  • EPLI
  • Cyber Liability Insurance

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