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HR Outsourcing is Smart Business

With FrankCrum, your business is free to succeed and grow.


Why Should Your Company Consider HR Outsourcing Services?

Thousands of companies have outsourced their HR functions to FrankCrum. Through the process, they’ve discovered that a FrankCrum partnership gives them instant access to big company benefits, resources and expertise that are usually only available to large companies.

At FrankCrum, we aim to reduce your workload, improve HR, and lower your costs. In-house HR administration costs an average of 8.5 percent of your gross payroll. With FrankCrum’s HR outsourcing services, you will spend at least 50 percent less and have experts doing the work for you.

Save Time & Reduce Your HR Workload

Your time with your small business is too important for you to be weighed down with the mundane tasks of processing payroll, filing state and local taxes, and managing employee benefits. HR outsourcing with FrankCrum clears your schedule from the grueling processes and endless paperwork related to employer services.

Focus on Your Customers/Grow Your Business

HR outsourcing sets you free to invest your energies and attention on what helps your business succeed and grow. You can be more productive, and make your company more profitable. No more sleepless nights trying to work through a mountain of paperwork. It’s your time to focus on delivering the great service that your customers expect.

Reduce Costs

Your small business can enjoy the same advantages as a large business for a smaller price, thanks to economies of scale with HR outsourcing from FrankCrum. You can lower the cost of benefits administration and workers’ compensation insurance, while realizing other efficiencies that will boost your bottom line.

Attract & Retain Talented Employees

Great employees are the lifeblood of a successful business. FrankCrum’s HR outsourcing services enable you to accurately display the array of quality benefits that are so important to retaining your current employees. In the process, you can attract talented new team members who can help you take your company to the next level. In addition, our best-of-class payroll services and online tools can help make you a great employer.

Reduce Risk & Liability

Many small business owners are often stunned by the risk and liability associated with being an employer. HR mistakes can be embarrassing and costly. Missing things can really hurt your business and put you at risk for legal action. FrankCrum helps you comply and avoid these pitfalls. Don’t lose sleep worrying about the hazards of employment.

Gain HR Expertise

New small business owners launch their companies hoping to become experts in HR practices like payroll, workplace safety, employee benefits, federal and state taxes, legal compliance and liability. For this reason, many companies turn to FrankCrum for their HR Solutions. We eliminate paperwork and headaches, while minimizing HR administrative costs. You can rest assured that you have a committed team of professionals working to keep important employer services running smoothly.


Having the best employees can make or break your business, but finding the time and resources to fill open positions may be overwhelming. Through FrankCrum Staffing, our integrated recruiting arm, we consult with you to understand your business needs, and we leverage our experience and deep resources to recruit top talent for you. The combination of our certified pro’s, best-in-class technology and recruiting platforms, and proven processes give you access to everything you need to develop the very best staff for your business.