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Texeira Contracting, Inc.

Texeira Contracting, Inc.

Business Challenge: At the request of its national clients, Texeira expanded their business, becoming a full service national contracting company. This decision led to a full range of HR-related issues that could affect their growth, including variations in payroll, reporting and workers’ compensation regulations from one state to another. In addition, finding workers’ comp insurance in multiple states was difficult as well as expensive.



Business Challenge: In the highly competitive property management profession, reducing costs and increasing profitability are key considerations, particularly for a company in growth mode. Justin Dean, company president, wanted to find better, more efficient and less costly options for their HR needs, including payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation and 401(k) programs. Of most immediate concern was the annual workers’ compensation audit that was a continuing challenge for Dean & DeWitt. Having worked with both online and local outsourced options, Dean was looking for one firm that could provide the services he needed and was proactive and responsive in identifying and resolving HR-related issues.


Business Challenge: Anne Marie Balke, majority owner and managing director, applied her experience in medical business administration to this start-up business, working with Nagy Farag, M.D., medical director. Hiring an accountant and establishing a payroll process were immediate priorities. Getting good rates on workers’ compensation insurance and a health plan, as well as establishing a solid compliance plan were also critical. The big question was who would tackle which priorities, and how much of the ongoing administration would default into “do-it-yourself” mode. As a start-up business, staffing was limited and business priorities needed to be centered on patient services, without sacrificing good but affordable HR administration and best practices.


Business Challenge: Having owned a commercial construction business dating from 2002, Ken Barnett has worked with FrankCrum on and off during the ensuing years, after first having received a recommendation from his accountant. During his last “hiatus” from FrankCrum, (based at that time on the size of his business, a restriction no longer in place), he realized he was spending more than he thought was reasonable for workers’ compensation and payroll services.


Business Challenge: Similar to other senior living facilities with often limited administrative staff, Courtyard Gardens found it difficult to handle HR-related issues in-house. Wanting to control costs, improve efficiencies and maintain compliance with HR regulations, the company decided to explore outsourcing its HR-related functions. This would allow Courtyard Gardens to focus on top quality, individualized resident care.

Specific issues included:

  • With more than 100 employees they needed to handle payroll, benefits, quarterly 941 reporting, W2s, and I9s better.
  • With limited HR staff, it was difficult to remain current on changing HR regulations.
  • An increase in workers’ compensation claims, led to increased workers’ comp rates. Improving their employee safety record, while controlling rate increases became a priority.


Business Challenge: Although he has always worked with payroll services or PEOs (employee leasing companies), Throm had a series of bad experiences with several of these firms. Understandably a little “gun shy” about similar relationships going forward, he contracted with a consultant who conducted an exhaustive bidding and vetting process. Specifications included the need for a reputable, full-service PEO with the ability to handle complex hospitality payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation insurance and related HR management services.


Business Challenge: After working with another payroll provider for several years in a relationship he considered difficult and unresponsive, Klavon decided to make a change. By this time, he also realized that the time he was spending on the business had kept him from paying attention to the rising costs of his workers’ compensation.

Specific issues included:

  • With 12 employees in the field serving clients, Glass Doctor of Broward wanted an easier and more efficient way to handle payroll and payroll reporting.
  • On the job injuries and their impact on workers’ compensation costs were a growing concern.


Business Challenge: Destiny Schwalk, January’s business office manager, oversees administrative and HR functions for the company’s 49 employees in nine locations, including the Oklahoma City headquarters. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an MBA, she is always looking for more efficient and cost effective ways to handle these services. Her primary challenge was how to handle payroll, taxes and workers’ compensation for their multiple locations and an additional challenge was how best to do this for their drivers who are constantly on the road. When one of January’s workers’ compensation insurance agents retired, she began researching providers and found FrankCrum.



Business Challenge: Dean quickly realized how much the legal environment had changed since his father or grandfather had run a construction business, which led to a host of potential risk-related issues. Dean certainly wasn’t an expert on employment or tax laws, nor did he want to spend hours fine tuning payroll.

One of the biggest problems Dean encountered was obtaining affordable workers’ compensation insurance. The insurance companies all wanted the money in one chunk during the time of the year his business was the slowest. He really needed a pay-as-you go plan.