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FrankAdvice® HR Consulting Services

Get proven support to make informed decisions and avoid embarrassing HR mistakes.

Decrease your risk of lawsuits and create a better work environment

As an added value to our HR outsourcing solution, FrankCrum also offers HR consulting services through our senior-level HR specialists. FrankAdvice gives you easy access to certified HR professionals who can respond rapidly and expertly with HR advice.

Our HR professionals provide reliable guidance

We are happy to provide HR advice on any human resource questions that you may have. FrankAdvice’s HR consulting service costs far less than hiring an in-house HR generalist, and we give your business fast, courteous and accurate responses. A simple phone call is all that it takes to be connected to industry-leading resources for fast and easy HR advice. Our HR consulting specialists will answer questions about performance management, employee relations, wage and hour requirements, and termination. You’ll get the proven support you need to make informed decisions and avoid making embarrassing and costly HR mistakes.

Our clients have saved thousands of dollars by accessing our results-oriented HR consulting service. If you seek our HR advice, we’ll help you put together a handbook, draft policies, and keep you updated on the ever-changing legal landscape. Best of all, you can position your company to defend against expensive lawsuits when you take advantage of our powerful and skilled human resources specialists. By quickly answering and resolving these HR issues, you decrease your risk of lawsuits and create a better work environment. By taking advantage of our HR consulting services and our HR advice, you’ll be able to direct your efforts toward managing, building and enhancing your business, instead of putting out HR fires.

Type of DiscriminationNumber of Discrimination ClaimsMonetary Costs to Employers as Benefits
Paid to Employees Claiming Discrimination
Race33,068$ 112.7 Million
Gender27,687$ 126.8 Million
Sexual Harassment12,679$ 47.9 Million
Religion3,721$ 11.2 Million
National Origin10,642$ 35.3 Million
Retaliation38,539$ 169.4 Million
Pregnancy3,541$ 17 Million

FrankAdvice® Provides:

  • Unlimited phone and email access to our HR resources
  • Discussion and expert advice on topics such as hiring practices,
    discipline, and termination, documentation/handbooks, discrimination,
    wage and hour issues, federal acts
  • Expert knowledge and instruction on Wage and Hour topics
  • Comprehensive employee handbook preparation or detailed review of
    existing handbooks or policies
  • Assistance to create clear, detailed, and uniform job descriptions
  • Ability to schedule “Go-To-Meetings” to provide information or training
    on important topics
  • Availability of other forms and publications related to HR functions
  • E-mails on various topics and important changes
    in employment laws
  • Monthly newsletter with recent state and federal developments related to
    labor and employment

Benefits and Value of the Service

  • Fast, courteous, and accurate responses to everyday HR issues, questions, or needs
  • We can serve as your complete HR department or supplemental HR team
  • Save on expense to assist with handbook preparation, drafting of policies,
    and updates
  • Avoid lawsuits by compliance with laws/regulations and informed decision-
    making based on sound HR advice

Issues like hiring practices, discrimination, and wage and hour law can be complicated and hard to keep up with. Let FrankAdvice’s HR consulting support service help you, so you have one less thing to worry about.