Big Company Retirement Plans for Small Businesses

Invest In Their Future

Employees worry about retirement. They often look to their employer for savings options and cite retirement plans as an important reason to stay with a company. Although offering a 401(k) plan helps companies attract and retain top talent, many business owners assume it’s cost-prohibitive. FrankCrum can help.

Why Aren’t You Offering A 401(k) Plan?

Are you afraid of the price tag or the hassle? Think again. Adopting a PEO’s retirement plan makes good business sense.


68% of employees cite outliving their retirement savings as a significant source of financial stress.

(Metlife Employee Benefits
Trend Study, 2019)

52% of employees expect to postpone retirement due to finances. (Metlife Employee Benefits Trend Study, 2019)

Want A Cost-Effective 401(k) Plan?

Get a quote today! And, if you have an existing plan, we'll provide a cost comparison. 95% of our clients save when they switch!

Save Money with A Multiple Employer Retirement Plan


Offering a retirement plan is not as expensive as you may think. Partnering with FrankCrum provides access to our Multiple Employer 401(k) plan, which leverages the buying power of our sizeable group to drive down costs.

Here are a few areas of savings for the business and its employees:
  • Eliminates the setup fees that you’d incur doing it alone
  • Avoid spending thousands of dollars annually on audits
  • The administrative fees are often lower than other comparable providers
  • The asset and trading fees charged to employees are highly competitive



Get an overview of the advantages of the FrankCrum 401(k) Plan

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How Do Business Owners Benefit from Our 401(k) Plan?

  • Significant personal advantages for owners such as safe harbor, integrated, age-weighted and comparability allocation methods
  • Reduced business taxes
  • Ability to recruit, reward and retain the best employees
  • Zero cost options
  • Quality investment options
  • Full payroll integration

We Take the Complexity Out of Retirement Plans

  • No annual fees for ADP/ACP testing, auditing, Form 5500 filing
  • No liability as trustee, administrator, and fiduciary
  • No investment committee reviews
  • No plan document compliance
  • No compiling data for annual testing
  • No matching contribution required
  • No concerns about managing employee participation – we provide ongoing support

Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying

One of the very nice things about working with FrankCrum is that they listen. They listen to what I have to say and they’ll make suggestions, and they’ll work with me to find a solution. They tend to be very proactive with what needs to be done.

–Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza

They make everything easy so that I can focus on my core business functions. I really appreciate all of the online functions available (reports, payroll, tax info, etc.). Thanks for taking care of us!

–Advanced Color


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