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Payroll Services and Tools

Everything you and your employees need to make payroll and HR breeze.

What is Payroll Services?

Payroll services include collecting wage and hour information from the employer and using that to calculate gross wages for employees. These services involve removing withholdings, distributing employee payments and preparing tax filings. Payroll services also include distributing W-2 and 1099 forms to employees along with helping to resolve any tax inquiries from government agencies.

Stress Free Payroll Services

Do you spend hours each pay period calculating your employees’ wages, accounting for overtime and time off, computing payroll taxes, and administering deductions? Do you struggle to stay up to date on wage and hour regulations, minimum wage, and payroll nuances like wage garnishments? Is it time-consuming to manage new hires and terminations? FrankCrum’s PEO services can be invaluable in the areas of timekeeping, payroll submission and compliance.

One Comprehensive Solution

From New Hires to Termination
Our comprehensive solution for payroll services is outlined below. This chart highlights our core offerings for payroll, tax compliance, employer portal, time and attendance, new hires along with reporting.

PayrollTax ComplianceEmployer PortalTime & AttendanceNew HiresReporting
Complex & Certified PayrollsW-2 ProcessingTime Entry UploadWeb-based SoftwareBackground ChecksStandard Reports
Direct Deposit, Pay Cards, On-site Check Printing940 & 941 Filings Including Federal WithholdingTime-off Approvals & TrackingOff-site Entry RestrictionsDrug ScreeningAdvanced Reporting with Dashboard View
Wage Garnishments & PTO Accrual ConfigurationPayroll-related Federal, State & Local Tax Return Filing & PaymentNew Hires & TerminationsGeo-locate Capabilities E-VerifyVisual Charts & Graphs
Overtime, Commission & Bonus CalculationsState Unemployment & Claims HandlingRobust ToolsMobile AccessPaperless OptionsPresentation Mode

"The friendly folks at FrankCrum enabled me to free up a tremendous amount of time by taking care of necessary documentation for payroll and workers compensation insurance. I simply turn in employees' hours and they do the rest - no more worries about filing taxes, making on-time payments, avoiding penalties, etc. FrankCrum makes it easy!”
–Battles Rivercraft

Flexible Payroll Solutions

Our flexible payroll solutions mean we can simplify even the most difficult aspects of payroll for businesses of all sizes.

Our payroll experts help run payrolls with all levels of complexity, which include:

  • Multi-state payrolls
  • Certified payrolls
  • Job costing
  • Multiple pay rates
  • Allocations
  • Permissible Deductions
  • Per diems and non-taxable reimbursements

Payroll Services: Payday Options

We make it easy to pay employees with pay options like checks, direct deposit and pay cards. Because some businesses still prefer paper checks, we offer on-site check printing. Direct deposit allows employers to pay employees quickly and eliminates the need to print, deliver or mail checks. We also offer pay cards, an option for employees who don’t have bank accounts and/or don’t want to share banking information with their employers.

Payroll Services: Payroll Tax Calculations, Reporting
and Remittance

Tax forms can be complicated, that’s why we assume the responsibility for federal, state and local tax filings. We provide payroll tax support by automating deductions and tax withholdings from employee wages and remitting the correct amount to the various tax agencies based on the latest payroll tax regulations. When tax season rolls around, we create, distribute and file W-2s for your employees or 1099s for independent contractors. Our tax management services also include:

  • 940 and 941 filings including federal withholding
  • W-2 and W-3 processing
  • Local taxes
  • State withholding
  • State unemployment

Tax Credit Services

FrankCrum offers a service to our clients that helps them identify and process potential employment related tax credits. One example of a tax credit is the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. This program is designed to assist employers with reducing federal income tax liability, and was specifically enacted by the federal government to promote the hiring of certain targeted demographic groups that typically have challenges gaining employment.

In addition to the WOTC program, all 50 states currently offer tax credit and incentive opportunities to employers in targeted industries in order to persuade companies to invest and create jobs in that state. Almost any business can benefit from these programs at the federal, state and local level.

  • FrankCrum’s Employment Tax Credit program managers work with you to identify potential
    incentives, identify eligible candidates, document the requirements and secure the credits.
  • Some credit programs may require that employees complete the necessary paperwork in
    certain time periods, such as on or before the day of a job. FrankCrum will provide paperwork,
    packets and/or online systems to facilitate this data collection.
  • FrankCrum will then research and establish whether or not the employee is eligible for
    any credits.
  • Once the credit has been identified, a fee of 15% of the dollar amount of the tax credit is due
    to FrankCrum.

Payroll Services: Technology Tools

Our Human Resource Information System, called MyFrankCrum, is more than just a payroll software. It’s a user-friendly tool that gives employers and employees the ability to manage a broad array of HR functions – in the office or on the go. In addition to convenience, HRIS technology helps prevent tax risks and financial errors. With our HRIS system, you can:

  • Report your payroll information electronically
  • Approve paid time off requests and manage accruals and balances
  • Hire and terminate employees
  • Manage employee data like pay rate changes, performance reviews and employee inventory

Employees will enjoy the convenience of MyFrankCrum too. The employee self service portal allows them to enroll in direct deposit, view pay stubs, change personal information, view and print W-2s and track paid time off.

"They make everything easy so that I can focus on my core business functions. I really appreciate all of the online functions available (reports, payroll, tax info, etc.). Thanks for taking care of us!” –Advanced Color

Payroll Services: Online Payroll Reporting

As part of the online portal, employers have access to dozens of payroll reports. Standard reports include data like payroll trends and benefits eligibility. You can customize them further or create any type of report you need from scratch. Add charts, maps or graphs to make your data visual or create dashboards to organize the data you track most often on one page.

How Our Payroll Services Improved Operations for IHOP

As a franchisee of IHOP, Tom Throm employs 250 employees throughout his restaurants in Florida and Georgia. While his business model always included working with payroll service companies, he wanted to find a new firm that was full service and could meet his list of needs — from complex payroll and benefits to workers’ compensation insurance and HR management. After an extensive bidding and vetting process, he selected FrankCrum as the best fit for the job.

Since becoming a partner, Throm’s IHOP franchises have experienced significant cost savings. For instance, when employers report and pay taxes on their tips, we calculate these numbers and deliver the relative report free-of-charge. This reporting has led to an annual cost savings of $50,000. Additional savings have come from lower workers’ comp rates as well.

Along with the affordable rates of our payroll services, Throm has also been impressed with our ability to provide quality service and answer any questions our clients have.

Payroll Services: Dedicated Customer Service

"The system is efficient, easy and convenient but the best part is the customer service that they provide. Every single representative that we speak to is extremely professional and committed to our needs.” –Sagewood, Inc.

We believe in taking the time to understand each clients’ individual needs and providing payroll services with a personal touch. FrankCrum has a dedicated team that helps onboard clients and their employees and set up their first payroll. There is no call center approach; clients are assigned specific team members who know their accounts and businesses well.

We pride ourselves on stellar customer service and provide tools and training videos as well as responsive consultants available via phone, chat and email. Our full service model is part of what has made us standout amongst our competitors for 37 years.

Want to cut costs, save time and focus on your business instead of HR?

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