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HR Services

HR responsibilities involve everything from hiring employees and running payroll to compliance with employment laws and managing major challenges – and it can be daunting. Did you classify your employees correctly? Are they eligible for overtime? Do you know how to calculate it? Would you know what to do if an employee needed to go on medical leave? What if an employee reports that they’re being harassed? With all the paperwork, policies and procedures in HR also comes the risk of violating local, state or federal employment laws. FrankCrum’s PEO services can be invaluable in the areas of managing risk, adverse action and employee relations.

Comprehensive HR Solutions

From New Hires to Termination

New HiresReporting
of Absence
Wage and HourClaims
Electronic OnboardingBackground ChecksStandard Reports
Company HandbooksEmployee
with State
Drug ScreeningAdvanced Reporting with Dashboard View
Discrimination and HarassmentHosted
New Hires & Terminations E-VerifyVisual Charts & Graphs
TrainingCorrective Action up to and including TerminationGuidance from beginning to endEmployee
Document Storage
Paperless OptionsPresentation Mode

"FrankCrum is a constant source of knowledge and support for all HR matters. They simplified our lives when starting our own business, providing a one-stop-shop for all HR matters, and they continue to make our lives easier and our business operations smoother.”

HR Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Our consultative HR experts are experienced in a wide range of industries and help employers with the employment rules and regulations that apply to businesses of all sizes. We do this by monitoring regulatory changes on the federal, state and local levels. Think of us as an extended team that can serve as a complete human resource department or supplement staff already in-house that specializes in:

  • Hiring practices
  • Performance management
  • Corrective action
  • Harassment prevention
  • Discrimination issues
  • Termination process


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HR Strategies for New Hires

When it’s time to add to your workforce, HR expertise plays a vital role, starting with clear and concise job descriptions and company policies. Job descriptions are useful in both practical and legal scenarios because they explain to potential employees exactly what is expected of them and could be referenced if there is ever an employment claim or lawsuit. They can also help identify necessary skills, play a role in the interactive process for individuals with disabilities and describe any needed qualifications like certificates or licenses.

In a similar way, a clear and concise company policy helps outline the standards of what’s expected while defining what’s acceptable and unacceptable. Combining company policies together to form a company handbook and having employees sign that they received the documents, is considered an HR best practice. Here are some examples of policies to include:

  • Performance management and employee development
  • Attendance
  • Drugs, alcohol and non-smoking
  • Social media
  • Company property

We help businesses of all sizes streamline the new hire process by assisting with the creation of job descriptions and company handbooks. We also offer drug screenings and pre-employment background check services that include employment verification and criminal record searches.

HR Services: Electronic Onboarding

Once an employee has been hired, we make the onboarding process simple with easy-to-use technology. Employees complete all new hire paperwork electronically through our Human Resource Information System (HRIS) called MyFrankCrum with the help of a dedicated Implementation Specialist. The Implementation Team also assists with the following:

  • Providing instructions to employees for various electronic setup tasks including completing tax forms and inputting direct deposit information
  • Creating payroll deductions and entering withholdings for employees
  • Enrolling employees in benefits and facilitating open enrollment

HRIS Portal: MyFrankCrum for Employers

With MyFrankCrum, employers realize control and flexibility when it comes to human resources by being able to access employee forms like the W-2 or I-9 and manage employee time and attendance. FrankCrum’s HR technology allows employers to do the following with ease:

  • Manage ongoing maintenance of employee hires and terminations
  • Access HR resource library
  • Communicate company news, letters and alerts to employees
  • Approve PTO requests through email alerts and manage accruals and balances
  • Store employee documents like annual reviews or corrective action

HRIS Portal: MyFrankCrum for Employees

  • Access pay stubs
  • View available benefits and discount programs, plus company news and links
  • View company policies and notices
  • Request time off and view history and available PTO
  • Update personal information – beneficiaries, addresses, marital status, emergency contacts

HR Services: FrankAdvice

Our team of experienced and credentialed HR professionals, known as FrankAdvice, provides guidance on a full range of HR topics including employee relations, employment laws and even emergencies. The FrankAdvice team tailors solutions so employers can effectively manage their workforce and provides tools to help maintain legal compliance.

FrankAdvice is there in an emergency or just to answer procedural HR questions regarding
things like:

  • Hiring, corrective action and termination
  • Policies and handbooks
  • Wages and employee classifications
  • Federal Acts like ADA and FMLA
  • Job descriptions
  • Workplace investigations
  • Training on important topics
  • Forms and resources

FrankAdvice provides fast, courteous and accurate responses so you can make informed decisions as you navigate each stage of the employee life cycle. FrankAdvice’s HR consulting services include unlimited phone and email access and regular communications on important changes in employment laws.

When I had to terminate employees, FrankCrum helped me do it properly. They were also extremely helpful when I had to discuss with Tallahassee why these terminated employees were not entitled to unemployment benefits.”
–Animal Alternatives Holistic Health Care Clinic

HR Services: Unemployment Claims Administration

Part of the HR support provided by FrankCrum includes unemployment claims administration. Outsourcing unemployment claims to HR professionals means help with auditing claims and deciding which are qualified. That means employers only pay what is owed and not a penny more.

Preparing for a hearing requires deep HR experience. There is documentation to submit before the hearing as well as many questions to be answered during the process. FrankCrum’s HR administration of unemployment claims includes the following:

  • Becoming the liaison between clients and state unemployment agencies
  • Preparing documentation and representing the company and its clients in hearings and appeals
  • Creating executive summary reports and presentations
  • Reviewing, reconciling and appealing erroneous charges

HR Services: Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

EPLI is intended to help cover the expenses of potentially costly claims filed against employers for employment-related practices. It’s an important factor because the cost to defend an employment lawsuit can be tens of thousands of dollars - or more.

FrankCrum has a program that offers claim protection and policy terms with broad, cost-effective coverage in the event you need to defend a claim. Here are some of the policy highlights:

  • Coverage, including defense and court costs, up to $1,000,000
  • Efficient, helpful claims processing
  • Experienced, knowledgeable attorneys to defend your company

The most recent data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) shows people filed more than 76,000 charges for discrimination claims in 2018 alone. Those include cases of discrimination based on race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability and other protected classes.

The following are some examples of types of claims covered under an EPLI policy:

  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Retaliation
  • Sexual harassment

How Our HR Services Improved Operations for Courtyard Gardens

Courtyard Gardens, a senior living facility, employs more than 100 staff members in Jupiter, Florida. Courtyard Gardens tried handling HR in-house but quickly realized that outsourcing HR would help maintain compliance, improve efficiency and control costs. Courtyard Gardens also wanted to handle payroll tax reporting, new hire paperwork, payroll and benefits more efficiently.

Since becoming a partner, Courtyard Gardens has experienced significant time and cost savings. Employees now submit forms electronically through MyFrankCrum. The FrankAdvice HR Team helped Courtyard Gardens take a proactive approach to problems by developing an employee handbook and drafting policies. Courtyard Gardens administrators like that FrankAdvice responds to their questions quickly and keeps them advised of changes in HR law and insurance requirements.

HR Services: Dedicated Customer Service

FrankCrum's service is second to none. They are polite, professional and there to help. They are much more than just payroll and workers’ comp, they help with HR advice and more. They are a great asset.”
–Gebs Industries

We believe in taking the time to understand each client’s specific HR needs and providing in-depth guidance and support for peace of mind. FrankCrum’s dedicated team of HR experts work with clients one-on-one to overcome HR challenges and navigate employment laws. Our full service model is part of what has made us stand out amongst our competitors for more than three decades.

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